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Second cycle admissions, suitability tests

Italian language

1st - Specific examinations

    Free music programme lasting about 30 minutes for:

  • Instruments - strings, winds, harp, guitar, piano, harpsichord, percussions - no organ
  • Singing
  • Chamber music (only these instruments: piano, cello, viola, violin)

    Or different entrance tests for Students of:

  • Jazz
  • Composition
  • Choir conducting
  • Electronic music

2nd - Skill-assessment tests


  • Admittance to the Two-Year Academic Course of Como Conservatory will be subject to an evaluation of suitability expressed in hundredths and placed in a ranking list. The evaluation of suitability will not give an automatic right to the admittance to the Conservatory which depends also on the availability of places in each course.

  • A failure in 1st and Italian Tests will prevent candidates from being included in the ranking list.

  • A failure in 2nd Test will result - in case of admittance - in the assignment of Formative Debts.

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