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City of Como

Como is in the middle of one of the most beautiful areas in Italy, at the feet of the Alps, at small distance from Switzerland and from Milan. The Lake Como is the third in Italy for extent, and the one in Lugano is a theatre for its beautiful natural panorama that, with the art treasures of the city, attract thousands of toutists from all over the world.

The geographical placement and the naturalistic and historical property render Como an international city: famous tourist place, a place of cultural and commercial exchanges, it’s the place for important exhibitions and conferences of European and non-European level.


Como is also a University city: in it there are the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Design (Polytechnic in Milan branch in Como) that for years have attracted many foreign students.


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Education and culture

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The Study Centre "Nicolò Rusca"

Spetacles and spare time

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